News, Updates and Important Information

Drop off and Pick Up

Can we remind all parents that children must be brought to the registration desk to be signed in by a parent or guardian and not dropped off outside and left to walk in unaccompanied.

At the end of the session we are asking parents to assemble at the registration desk and the children will be handed over by their coach to a parent or guardian. This will help with the congestion inside the gym when children are trying to get changed and get their kit together.  From a safety point of view this is also very important, gymnasts are not allowed to leave the building without a responsible adult.  Now that the parking restrictions are now in place you are allowed 15 minutes to pick up and drop off your child without paying.

Parking Charges

We have been advised by Halo management that as from the 1st July Herefordshire Council are imposing a charge for car parking at the leisure centre in-line with other council operated facilities.

Apart from the cost impact on the club and to our volunteers, our main concern is for child safety particularly with “drop off” and “pick up” as we need to ensure that gymnasts are accompanied by a parent or guardian when being dropped off and picked up from a session and must not be dropped off outside the building and expected to walk in on their own, with this in mined Halo have agreed to give a 15 minute concession at the start and end of each session.

At this time we are advised that the times and the charges are as follows: £1.00 for up to 3 hours and £5.00 for more than 3 hours or if you visit the site a number of times a week a six month pass will cost £40.00 and an Annual pass will cost £70.00

For a limited introductory period the annual pass will be available for £60.00 on line from

We are advised the car park will be patrolled by an independent company and parking fines will be imposed on anyone who is not displaying a valid parking ticket.

Chalk for Bars

Please can we remind all gymnasts that they should be bringing their own chalk every session.

This is important for safety and hygiene reasons, it is even more important now the warmer weather is with us, that everyone using bars should have chalk on as hot sweaty hands on the bars can make them very slippery!!!

Chalk is available from the club and it should be kept in a sealed box to prevent spillage and to keep it dry.

Chalk block cost £2.50 each

Box complete with Chalk £6.00

Please make sure you have your own chalk and box by the next session.